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i wanted to talk some...
I'm going to rant a little bit. I KNOW 43Folders is a great site, there's lots of good info to be had there, lifehacks, productivity, blah blah... Merlin Mann is so Mac-centric. I'm a Gentoo linux user first, and I have a windows box to write music on, and I've always considered Macs a "rich kid toy". They are shiny, easy to use, and they cost much more than a standard PC. Sure, they (guessing?)probably do a marginally better job at graphics rendering, and they use them in video editing, but come on. Macs, like iPods, are primarily college kid jewelry. (Hardcore Mac power-users probably despise that image too...)

He (Mr. Mann) also seems to think (according to a recent post) that his readership is entirely Mac and (misguided) Windows users. If he focused more on productivity and a bit less on how k-rad f'ing badass Macs are, I may, as a LINUX user, be tempted to stick around and read on... but as of now, it grows weary...

Secondly, I finally found myself in the possession of Reason 3.0, and talk about badass! I don't even know what to say, this program is so awesome... my little O2 M-Audio MIDI controller is getting a workout from it too...

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super article on contemporary furniture:

Greetings Friends!

Found this great video on contemporary furniture here : Enjoy

also a great youtube channel on the subject:

and some more articles



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