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the desire to hunt and kill a whale upsets some people...
So the “Song A Week” thing was partly a success; I now know my ability to write music during what was one of my most chaotic years. I failed at producing one song per week though, topping out at 42 complete songs and around 15 incomplete foundations that should eventually become songs. Between transitioning through 3 jobs, traveling for almost a month to the other side of the world and juggling all the other hobbies and activities that I like, I’d say it was close enough.

Now, onto a new year.

I recently got a new job in the company I was contracted for (The Cobalt Group) as a “Web Content Specialist” It is a lot of fun so far, and I get to work 6-2:30, which rocks. I never really thought I’d work in the tech industry – without a degree in anything it just didn’t seem like an option. I get tons of benefits and perks, which are unnecessary but welcome, as I already like my job.

New Year’s Eve party at Chris and Carrie’s was a lot of fun. I ate mysterious dips and drank a Cosmopolitan and a White Russian. There were more people this year, it seemed, and it didn’t end up turning into a DS party (even though we were all armed and ready).

I got presents for Christmas… good ones. I think my “highlight” gift would be the MASH boxed set, Martinis and Medicine. I also got a ton of Tom Waits CDs, a handmade pillow from my best friend Leah, The Big Lebowski, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, robot stuff…. Tons of crap. It was fun.

My major goal this year would be paying off our debt, which shouldn’t take long. Coupled with that, I’ve chosen three things which will be my focus for the year: Learning Japanese, Cooking Japanese Food and Writing Music.

Speaking of writing music, I've been dabbling in what will probably end up being my primary piece of audio software: Reason 3.0. This program is amazing, not only functionally, but aesthetically, and the stuff I've heard so far impresses me more then any other music software I've played with. We shall see.

I want to talk about my new website, a tangentbot dot com makeover, our next trip to Japan, the food I've been making and the new restaurants I've found, but it will have to wait.

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Yay for the Big Lebowski!

Sounds like you're a pretty busy guy. ;)

(And that was a completely lame comment, so I think I may stop here...)

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