20 October 1978
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I am a musician. I compose, arrange and perform electronic music using a variety of instruments, mainly the computer. I can play guitar, drums, bass, ukelele, keyboards, a bit of piano, and all manner of software based sequencers, editors, trackers and arrangers. I utilize the following programs, to name a few: Fasttracker 2, Reason, Cubase, Cool Edit Pro, Buzztracker, Soundtracker, Fruityloops, Rebirth, HALion, and many others.

Personally, I am infatuated with all aspects of Japanese culture. It started with an obsession with anime, then continued from there. At home, I eat a traditional Japanese diet, in an attempt to learn about the culture. I've found the best way to study a culture is to learn about the food first! It also gave me an excuse to learn a bunch of new skills, buy new kitchen stuff, and eat differently then I had been eating.

Along with that, I LOVE to pickle/ferment things. I make my own kimchee, nuka zuke, kombucha, kappa miso, sunomono, and a bunch of other things I can't remember the names for. I love fermented foods, and eventually want to try to make everything myself.

As you can probably tell, I have lots of hobbies/interests, and am fairly good at doing too many things at one time. Among them, my prominent hobbies/interests include reading (especially manga and R.A. Heinlein), writing (prose, poetry, songs etc.), video games (old skool RPGs, shmups, platform, racing, dating sims), watching anime, eating exotic foods, DIY fashion, FRUiTs, cosplay, cartoons (old Warner Bros., old Disney, Bakshi, Rankin Bass, Pink Panther, Rocky & Bullwinkle), RPGs (tabletop: GURPS, D&D), cooking, taking apart computers and tricking them, out, listening to every type of music I can get my hands on, gundams, buying cute stuff, collecting vinyl (esp. vocal jazz, exotica, early electronic, new wave, industrial, 70's metal, easy listening), action figures, tea, coffee, recycling old stuff,/trash into new stuff, dumpster diving, sticker tagging, stenciling, reclaiming public space, space travel, technology, cyberpunk culture, objectivism, libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, atheism, robots, ninjas, linux (Gentoo!), hacking, phreaking, 8 bit, walking, learning as MUCH as I possibly can about EVERYTHING, living by my own terms, not compromising with anyone, flipping out, caffeine, customizing my world, and living forever.

Some things I do not like at all include smoking around me, bigots, any religious/spiritual/metaphysical bullshit, socialists, communists, liberals, conservatives, greens/enviromentalists/eco-terrorists, anti-corporate-ists(?word?), anti-capitalism, hippies, yuppies, bros and hos, government regulation, social "responsibility", suburbia, weakness (addicts, junkies, alcoholics, hand-holders), beggars, collectivism, funerals, and death.

That should give you an insight on the kind of asshole you're dealing with!

2600, 8 bit, ah! my goddess, albert camus, analog synths, anarchy, anime, anti-collectivism, anticensorship, antisocialism, aphex twin, aristotle, ayn rand, b-movies, bento, biotechnology, bourbon, breaking the system, burt bacharach, caffeine, canned coffee, capitalism, cartoons, casio, chiptune, chobits, cinnamaroll, circuit bending, coffee, computer music, computers, cooking, cosplay, cthulhu, customizing, cute skirts, cute stuff, cyberpunk, d&d, diy, dumpster diving, dungeons and dragons, earthquakes, emulators, farmer's markets, farming, fasttracker, fermented foods, final fantasy, found sounds, free stuff, freedom, fruits, genetic engineering, gentoo, gentoo linux, geodesic domes, ghost in the shell, giant robots, gin, gmo, go-bots, goths, green eyes, h.p. lovecraft, hailstorms, heinlein, hippie bashing, idm, japanese culture, japanese street style, jazz, jpop, kimchee, kinokuniya, kogepan, kpop, lightning, logic, manga, meteor showers, mikan bouya, mochi, modding, nanotechnology, nes, ninjas, nori, nukazuke, objectivism, octopus, omusubi, pho, pi, pirates, pizzacato five, plastic, playing drums, playing guitar, pokemon, progress, ramen, rational anarchism, revolution, robot arms, robots, role playing games, sauerkraut, science, seattle, sinatra, skepticism, snes, snowstorms, sourdough, space travel, squarepusher, stenciling, stickers, subculture, survivalism, t-shirts, takoyaki, tanuki, technology, telephones, terraforming, thomas jefferson, thunderstorms, time travel, tmnt, trackers, transformers, tsukemono, tsunamis, udon, underground hip-hop, usurping, uwajimaya, video games, vinyl, volcanos, weather, weeners, weird food, whisky, william gibson, zombie films